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        – Richard Leach

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Marketing Communications
...will either Make You or Break You!

Marketing Communications can be the indistinguishable Black Hole of Business Loss.

If you communicate with the public poorly, with subtle miscommunication, in random ways, which do not present your best strategic presence...
You Will Never Know about the Business You Lost, along the way to failure!

Amongst the pages of history
there is no negation, that truth bests the lie,
that beauty is destined to defeat the ugly,
and good is by far better than bad.

However, there are those to whom,
the mediocre is good enough, and
The pursuit of excellence is uneconomic
Thought provides regards for the masses,
that the best is always wasted, anyway.

But, there can be no waste in the best.
It occupies no more space than the worst.
It never offends the ignorant.
And it frequently pleases the knowing,
as there are more knowing than not.

More importantly, there is much warmth
in continuing to please oneself, and
setting standards too high for attainment
reaps the exciting satisfaction in knowing
the best efforts of others can not compete.

Only the knowing understand
that in due course, a single occasion
of getting by with the barely adequate
will set the stage for future mediocrity
enabling all others to take your business,
and attracting all others for whom
the best is too much trouble.

                        – Richard Leach

MARKETING SMART pages of this site were written to teach and inspire entrepreneurial business people everywhere. It is in recognition that successful people are successful in their own field because they know far more about what they do than what marketing people do. This knowledge is the cornerstone of power to maximize minimal dollars spent in advertising and promotion.

Most importantly, to realize that how you communicate in a strategic consistent way is far more important to your bottom line than anyone believes until they see the results on their balance sheet.

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