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Some Things to Consider... before we meet!
When I chose to retire early it was an intentional withdrawal of my talent and support for business in general, because I became very disenchanted with the wide spread level of deceit and lack of integrity. I simply refused to support business that, irrespective of whether levied against staff, suppliers, or consumers, would consistently put profit before the wellbeing of people. I became seriously disillusioned and embittered by those who showed no sign of humanity in their daily process of business.

I retired to begin an entirely different profession; one that at the core is first and foremost an empowering support system for people in their daily lives. After many years of development in theory I founded a very different way of looking at "Life Purpose" as both cause and resolve of health related human challenges. BioEnergyTherapy.com is where you will find a very effective practice of Life Strategy that analytically reconciles why challenges are purposefully presented in life. It and its tools are a means to understand how and why the subsequent stress of such challenges develops into health disorder and then these provide guidance to the resolve of stress and relief of related disorders. Hundreds of people have experienced long term and permanent relief from chronic conditions as pain, fatigue, disease, depression etc., with example cases of Fibromyalgia completely resolved to more than fourteen years symptom free. So this has been the primary focus of my life for some time, however, my prior marketing career still lingers in the background.

Over the years, those reputable acquaintances who know my hidden marketing and design skills have been relentless in seeking my help and would not allow me to completely withdraw from my prior career. As result, I have at times come reluctantly forward to help the marketing of business and products. More and more I seem to be involved in development of consumer presentations but I do restrict my involvements to helping those people who show heart and compassion and a willingness to always operate on a win-win-win basis and who never knowingly disadvantage people in the pursuit of profit.
I do not help everyone who asks.

When I am helping in this business development capacity I am first a marketing consultant who is a very capable designer and photographer, so, I am also disinterested in developing anything poorly or without good marketing reason. If you are simply looking for an artist or photographer to do the handwork for the vision you have in your mind, there are lots of fine young artists who will jump at the chance to do your bidding. I am not the aid you need. The criterion for development of the best marketing direction is not whether you like it; it is whether it functions as communication to motivate the mass market. This has little to do with any personal bias of any one individual. I have provided the Marketing Smart tutorial to help anyone find their own way to success irrespective of whether I am willing to help them.

If and when I work, I do not set out to make things pretty or do what you have in mind, I analyse your business and engineer communications that achieve specific goals set by the communication objectives. By virtue of being a capable designer, the outcome will always be "pretty" but in marketing the aesthetics is a secondary concern to accomplishing specific communication strategies that work for you. If you read these Marketing Smart pages you will begin to understand that marketing design is not subjective to anyone's personal tastes; so only if you are willing to get out of your own way is there possibility for any effort to succeed in marketing your business.

Richard Leach - a biography
Richard leach graduated from the Communications and Design program and was the only member of his art college class to be immediately recruited into the business environment at graduation. For seven years he paid his dues growing from junior designer in a smaller firm G.W.Vaughan Advertising Ltd to eventually senior designer with responsibilities in account representation. By 1979, having built a leading track record in product management he joined the then renown Integraphic Group as a designer specializing in retail product launch and development and in that company became a marketing consultant to the Directors of Marketing and Product Managers for many major blue chip traded companies as American Cyanamid Company, Club House Foods, CocaCola Canada, Dofo Cheese, General Foods, Johnson & Johnson Canada, Minute Maid Canada, S.C.Johnson, Silverwood Dairies, Culinar-Vachon.

In the above capacity from 1979 to 1993 he was consulting for and designing consumer perception launches and revitalization campaigns for leading product lines as Pine Sol, various lines of Gourmet Spices and Sauces, GF coffees as Sanka-Mellow Roast-Maxwell House etc, Tang revitalization and then initial launch of Tetrapak Tang Internationally, a line of nine Gaines Dog Foods, launch of Band-Aid brand Fabric bandages, the Canadian launch of various Minute Maid juice lines including 5-Alive, Deep Woods Off and Off Insect Repellent Towelettes, The launch of the entire Silverwoods Milk-By-Products lines, the original launch of Oh Henry Ice Cream Novelty line, Crème de la Crème Gourmet Ice Cream, and various private label ice cream lines.

In 1993 Richard broke away to form his own consultancy firm, Richard Leach and Associates Inc, continuing to design and quarterback developments for Directors of Marketing and Product Managers for products of major companies as Alpha Candy Co, Beecham Canada, Brooke Bond-Lowrys Spices, Billybee, Campbell Soup Co, Cardinal meat Company, Dimpflmeier Bakeries, Grenadier Chocolate Co, Johnvince Food Importers, Liptons, Prodale Paper, Unique Foods, W.T.Lynch Foods, Wyeth Canada.

Over his thirty-three year history as specialist in marketing and design development for consumer goods and services Richard Leach's portfolio includes numerous National Awards, four from the Packaging Association of Canada for launch and presentation of products like the new launch of Chewable ENO, the new launch of Clubhouse Special Blends, the new launch of Lynch Hot Chocolate, the new launch of Oh Henry Ice Cream which was so successful that it exceeded its projected requirement of packaging materials three times in the first year, and the consumer revitalization SMA Baby Formula.

Richard retired from active marketing service in 2005 and has since developed a consultancy practice furthering his altruistic interest in life strategies and helping people who find themselves under duress in life or health circumstances. However, in addition to his private practice of empowering people in their lives and along with his marketing expertise he maintains the equipped capacity of a complete full service design and photography facility, equivalent to an in-house advertising agency.

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