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Powerful Marketing Promotions
It really does not matter what kind of advertising promotion you implement because all promotions share the same challenges and pitfalls so unless you have done your strategic homework, they can all fail equally.

More than your product, YOU must know your consumer! More than knowing how to get attention, YOU must know what marketing hooks motivate your prospective consumer! Increased sales of your product or service will not come from cute ideas and pretty graphics; it comes from engineered communication.

Some marketers believe making catchy eye popping claims like "You have won something" will motivate the consumer to action; however, when today's sophisticated consumer sees incredulous statements the only motivation is towards the round file. Catchy copy and Good graphics may get attention but the savviest marketers know presentation content must inspire the consumer to believe in their benefit to achieve positive reaction. Only engineered communication focused on compelling consumer end benefit will make your sale!

To the contrary, many marketers intently believe marketing is all about impact, trendy ideas, flashy graphics, and selling gimmicks but all of this is just attention getting. What good is attention if there is no reason for consumer action presented? What good is the gimmick if prospect interest is not inspired?

If someone is not interested in your product or service, there is no value in a misleading gimmick or promise to gain their attention under catchy pretense. If someone has interest in your product or service, their attention is easily captured and they will read every interesting detail you may share. This is the information age and people are thriving on it so the more information you can concisely share without being redundant or boring the more value today's consumer will perceive in you as THE source. However, if you are redundant you will lose buyer attention. Be sure to communicate all the reasons but never ever mislead the consumer toward an ultimate disappointment or you will lose them forever.

The trick is to gain the attention from the right prospect AND have them believe in you! Your marketing must set the realistic consumer expectation of benefit in doing future business with you. To capture the right target consumer, make a powerful product statement that actually means something truthfully beneficial and desirable from the end sale. This statement needs to be powerful yet must be realistic. Your reputation and future sales rely on consumer satisfaction. Consumer satisfaction is only a reflection of the fulfilled expectations that originally set. Make only realistic promises you intend to keep and even better make desirable promises that you can exceed! You never want to miss the target expectation that you yourself set.

If you can realistically guaranty your product or service to seal the deal, do so! Standing behind your product or service shows the consumer your integrity and building rapport with the perception that you care is a powerful marketing tool. Keep in mind that the majority of advertisers today offer a money back or replacement guaranty with powerful incentive motivation to provide the consumer a secure feeling about making the proposed purchase quickly. More often than not this is a simple trust building ploy. The truth is most consumers are unaware that many marketers rely on guaranty fine print stipulations of circumstance to limit long term liability and reduce later claims. The Infomercials and Shopping Channel advertisers are notorious for the short term 30 day money back guaranty but they rely on statistics that prove only small percentage of the population will ever go out of their way or the trouble of utilizing a mail in refund or exchange in the time allotted and the small percentage of people that will is simply considered a cost of doing business built into the sale price.

Rules of Powerful Promotion
Consumer End Benefit! First rule of powerful promotion is to consistently stay focused on the consumer end benefit to be perceived in the purchase of your product or service.

Focus on Your difference! Present features concisely but be unique! Find the originality of your offer and lead your campaign with highlight on those features that make your product or service different and more beneficial than competitors.

Use Plain English! Keep! it simple with clear and concise fully layman descriptions. You and your associates are well conversant in technical terms, industry acronyms, and other jargon that isn't necessarily understood by your prospective clients who may miss the importance of features that could make the sale.

Quantify Consumer Benefits! In this age of sophisticated consumers who have seen all kinds of misleading sales claims it is important to provide validation for your statements. If you can provide valid data, research numbers or percentages to support your claims you can bring your presentation into the trusted zone.

Provide testimonials! There is an unsaid division of higher skepticism between marketers and consumers but consumers will rely on each other as bastions of truth because we all tend to believe in the experience of our peers.

Induce Desire! Use a strong theme in copy and imagery to evoke emotional desire. If you can take your prospect to imagine how grand it will feel to have or use your product or service you are stepping on the threshold of the buying decision.

Set the hook! There must be a motivator to the consumer's next action. This requires you to consider what action you require. It may be directive to purchase, or to seek the distributor, or make personal contact or to provide personal information that will bring them accurate consultation and lead you to a profitable conversation. Whether you tease consumers with missing information, or provide illusion of loss with a time limited offer or any number of other reasons to motivate action, you must set this hook for a Call to Action to motivate the consumer into the next step.

Provide a Guaranty! When you are drawing someone to do or purchase something they have never done before, you are pressing them into unknown territory where insecurity makes the default responsible answer, No. It is the human fear of the unknown that makes all people seek a comfort zone when undertaking any new step. They just require some decision support, to feel they are doing the right thing. Your guaranty can be that added influence of assurance to boost their confidence into purchase.

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