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In a time when electronic media has become a dominating factor in marketing it is easy to begin to underestimate the value of printed and published media. It is true that the concepts of marketing and promotion have changed but this does not negate all the potential of previous materials; it just retools them with new functions and purposes to be integrated in concert with electronic media.

Regardless of the presence of your electronic media you still require to make presentation to humans who are tactile by nature and attention challenged by too many busy needs per day. Your website provides an extraordinary product and service showcase with amazing depth and product knowledge but it is fleeting perception as each page loads into consumer attention to replace the last; unfortunately your presentation is just a click away from your competitors. Who will achieve the lasting impression? Print media does not disappear; it remains to repeatedly stimulate consumer attention repeatedly until the buying decision is made.

Without any limits your internet presentation can afford any amount of space to fully describe any and all features of business products and services in living colour. It may be best viewed as an interactive online brochure that can provide a consumer experience of your offers beyond anything that can be afforded in print media. Its primary challenge is getting the viewer to visit and absorb the presentation. So the first new function of printed material is to drive your local consumers to website attendance.

The primary function of all printed material remains the same as wearing your best suit to a business meeting; the first purpose is to impress prospective buyers with the most established credible appearance irrespective of whether your company is a young start up one-horse operation or a long standing venture with numerous employees. This is how will you drive consumers to your full media presentation.

For those consumers who search their options on the internet your printed materials provide an additional opportunity to impress consumer perception and highlight specific consumer benefits to differentiate your value over your competitors. Instead of being the only consumer presentation your printed material can now focus on summary of consumer end benefits and hitting emphasis on the most potent features you need to present. Your printed material, if done well, will set you apart and tip the scale toward securing the close of your sale.

Making the best impression when compared to other competitive presentations is a priceless advantage and this relies entirely on how well you produce your consumer materials. Don't make the mistake of just ordering stock printing or creating template inkjet business cards, letterheads and brochures. No matter what people say in favour of DIY marketing materials, the template designs will never look like anything but homemade materials and will only establish you as a wannabe contender, not a market leader.

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